Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Hi, I'm Jen, or Tink, as the case may be. I have been a diabetic since I had Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 2002-2003. After I had a stem cell transplant, the Diabetes never went away. Since then, I have had tons of trouble keeping my blood sugar in check. I have tried diet and exercise for treatment, oral medication, and now I am on fast acting as well as long term insulin, and oral medication. Finally, there seems to be a regimen that is working for me. My numbers are finally normal.

I have also started eating extremely healthy... I would like to eat all organic, but it's hard enough to make ends meet with the cost of the meds. So, I have started relying on other websites and recipes that I find to eat as well as I can. The problem? I am extremely picky. I don't like many of the things that I should be eating, so food has become almost boring for me. Searching for recipes of things that make my mouth water, and also actually taste good has become a game for me.

My husband and I have really started enjoying cooking again, mostly cooking together. It makes for a fun activity, and it's good to know that we are both being proactive in treating my disease. He's very well aware of what I need, and helps keep me in check when I want to falter.

So, this leads to why I started this blog. I know many people who love to cook as much as I do. I have posted (some really awful) pictures on my facebook profile, and have had a ton of requests for the recipes. While most of my recipes come from several different websites, I am, again, very picky. Sometimes, we find ways to tweak the recipes to make them work for me. Being in my late 30's, it's time to start worrying about my heart, cholesterol, and all that good stuff. Most of the recipes I list here are for that - as Diabetes diets concentrate on the side effects of the disease. These can help just about everyone retain a healthy lifestyle and still enjoy cooking and food.

I also love to bake (it relaxes me - and that's important), so I may occasionally post something that I have baked for the other people in my life, but I will list that as non-diabetic. But I will also experiment and show you even if I fail, the things that I try to make into a diabetic dessert.

If you ever have any questions, would like some feedback, need any sources for Diabetic help, please feel free to ask me. I am not a doctor, I am not the be-all end-all in Diabetic health, but I can try my best to lead you in the right direction to answer your questions and get you some help. Occasionally, I may also review some Diabetic products, sites, readings, so stay tuned!

I hope you enjoy the blog and that it makes you excited about food, and your health!

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